What is Why Do I Need SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN is a network solution that centralizes the control layer and moves it into the cloud. 

SD-WAN’s aggregation of public internet resources creates the type of performance and security associated with private networking, at a lower cost and with usability benefits specifically tuned to Software-as-a-Service applications. With so many mission-critical tools being sold on a SaaS model today, this could be crucial for your overall IT operations.

When you invest in SD-WAN from Sangoma, you aggregate and maximize all of your bandwidth resources, no matter their size or type.

As you grow your business, you will face new networking needs. A managed network solution from Sangoma can be the right option to support your IT requirements.
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Managed SD-WAN revolutionizes
your business

In today’s digital-first business climate, expansion will inevitably include networking needs. Responding to those requirements through a high-quality managed SD-WAN offering is a way to bring your company into the future, where your network and your business are inseparable.

Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

Maximize your bandwidth
and take control
of your network.

Standardized networking
across every office and site
your company operates.

Applications are prioritised
so mission-critical tools
perform at high levels.

Centralized management
of network functionality from
a single pane of glass.

Zero-touch provisioning
to automatically add edge
devices to the network.

Policy-based quality
of service management
and traffic routing.

Detailed analytics provide
insight for issues
and potential improvements.

Connectivity aggregation
for improvement and overall
.performance benefits

Why What's different about sangoma SD-WAN?

Not every partner can deliver the high level of SD-WAN solution performance and reliability your company demands. Sangoma stands ready to truly optimize your IT configurations.