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Desktop as a Service Keeps You Connected From Anywhere

Today’s employees are not tethered to a desk. They work from home, in coffee shops, and airports. And they expect the same ease of use whether in or out of office when accessing internal applications and data, without any loss in performance. Connected Workspace is a secure, flexible, and maintenance-free, end-user cloud desktop solution you can access anywhere.

Anywhere Access with Any Device
Users access their office applications, Microsoft Windows desktop, and communication tools using any device over any internet connection.
Simplified IT
Enjoy ease of use with no on-site PCs or infrastructure to maintain or replace, instant onboarding/offboarding of user desktops environments, and centralized policy deployment across your entire organization.
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), built-in ransomware protection, continuous virus monitoring, and lockdown policies protect your business and employees from security breaches without sacrificing flexibility or mobility.
Save Money
Eliminate PC Refresh – Users can log into their desktops using any device with internet access since their computer is streamed from the cloud. Also, Cloud-based servers eliminate hardware upgrades and operational costs.
Disaster Recovery
Secure, cloud-hosted desktops protect your data in the event of device failure, fire, flood, or other catastrophic scenarios Users can continue to work, logging into any device of their choice, from anywhere, anytime.
Easy Remote Working
Centralized infrastructure makes it easy for users to log in from any device. Set up users with a complete cloud desktop in minutes, with instant log-in access. The bandwidth-efficient user dashboard allows users to work even over a 3G wireless connection.

Key Features and Benefits


Choose from low, standard, and power PC options for users and add or remove desktops based on business needs.

Quick Deploy

Migrate your business to Connected Workspace in a matter of hours and start deploying virtual desktops instantly.

Save Hardware Costs

No on-site hardware, servers, licenses, or installers. Our award-winning support team monitors your cloud infrastructure around the clock!

Expand Hiring Radius

Instant setup and BYOD enables you to hire based on skill, while eliminating laptop purchases, provisioning, and shipping.

All-in-One Platform

Includes Microsoft tools and applications, video conferencing, extension calling, SMS and chat, cloud storage, and our full concierge support.

No Seat Minimums

Pay for what you need without being forced into virtual desktops you don’t need.

See Who Benefits From Sangoma's
Connected Workspace

Managed Service Providers (MSP) selling IT Services

Increase your value to your customers without anything to manage, no on-site servers, or support to deal with. We handle all the hardware, software, and support! You just handle the commission.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) selling IT Services


Create additional revenue opportunities and expand to support desktop applications without requiring you to manage your own data center and servers.


Self-Hosted VDI or Cloud Services

Eliminate the time and cost of self-hosting data centers and customer support. Keep your existing infrastructure while you migrate to Connected Workspace. There are no large upfront hardware purchases or capital expenditures to deal with as your business grows.

Self-Hosted VDI or Cloud Services

Businesses Who Are Using Connected Workspace

  • Startups and Growth Businesses
  • Financial Firms
  • Property Management Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Seasonal Businesses
  • Remote Work-friendly companies
Businesses Who Are Using Connected Workspace

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