How to Improve the Customer Experience

How to Improve Customer Experience with Your Phone System

It’s no secret that improving your customers’ experiences with your business will go a long way towards improving your bottom line.
So if one of your business’s primary points of contact with customers is over the phone, then learning how to improve your customers’ phone experience should be a top priority.
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Some common issues that can cause a bad customer experience include:

Waiting on hold

Did you know the average person waits on hold over a year of their life? That being said, being able to reduce hold times is going to be extremely important when it comes to improving customer experience.

Poor call quality

Few things aggravate a person, especially an already irritated customer, more than not being able to hear or be heard during a call.

Trouble reaching the right person

No one likes getting put through a frustrating auto-attendant that can’t solve your problems. With time at a premium, make sure your callers feel like their time is being honored and their call is being routed appropriately.

How UC Improves Customer Experience Over the Phone


Having real-time visibility into your call activity means you can keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in your organization, so you can make adjustments that help improve customer experience with every call. A quality phone system can provide on-demand custom reports that show you how your business is handling its call volume. For example, looking at abandoned calls, redirected calls, and detailed call logs to see when people have been transferred too many times or hung up on helps you train people and change behaviors that are causing those issues.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology makes call routing really easy, which means your callers can get to the right place quickly. This takes stress and work off your plate as a business, and it gives you peace-of-mind knowing your incoming calls are being handled in a professional manner every single time.

CRM Integration

UC phone systems integrate with business softwares such as CRMs to put information at your agents’ fingertips. This means they never have to ask repetitive questions to get information that already live in your database, providing the opportunity for spectacular customer service while reducing the amount of time spent on a call.

Training Tools

Training tools such as Monitor, Whisper, and Barge allow you to do just what they sound like: listen in on calls to ensure calls are being handled appropriately, providing tips and advice privately to your employee, and interrupting the call if the need arises, as well as recording calls for future training.

Use Your Phone System to Create the Ultimate Customer Service Experience

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