The World’s Most Popular Open Source IP PBX Software

FreePBX - let freedom ring (tm)

Harness the Power of Asterisk with FreePBX

FreePBX offers organizations an all-in-one IP PBX that is freely available to download and install with all the basic elements needed to build a phone system. Sponsored and developed by Sangoma and a robust global community, FreePBX is the most widely-used open source IP PBX in the world. An intuitive graphical user interface makes taking advantage of the power of Asterisk much easier to deploy and use.


Secure and Reliable

Rigorous testing and built-in security update notifications ensure the reliability and security of FreePBX.


Scalable and Flexible

Compatible with most hardware and virtual environments, FreePBX can scale to meet growing needs on a budget.


Powerful Feature Add-ons

Commercial modules like call center, high availability, softphone, and more are available to extend FreePBX utility.


Browser-based GUI

Readily accessible from a web browser, the FreePBX user interface facilitates easy system changes and maintenance.


Global Language Support

Local language support for end point devices means users can use the same system, in their own language.

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No License Restrictions

FreePBX features are not restricted by user or extension count. No strings attached!

Sangoma IP Phones

Sangoma offers IP phones designed specifically for FreePBX solutions. With auto-provisioning and built-in phone apps, setup and use is easy, allowing users to quickly take full advantage of the power of their phone system.

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FreePBX appliances

FreePBX Appliances

To guarantee the performance of FreePBX systems with trusted and certified hardware, Sangoma offers a line of powerful FreePBX appliances.

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