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About SB Interactive

SB Interactive, a unified communication leader, has specialized in IP Telephony since it was founded in 1994 (formerly Serome Technology). SB Interactive has been a pioneer for commercial VoIP service worldwide. Dialpad, a service of Serome’s branch in the United States, was the first PC2Phone released in 1999. SB Interactive spun off from Serome Technology in December 2003.

Services and Solutions

Conventional Telephony Services

We provide consumers and enterprises with conventional telephony services such as 00770 (international termination prefix through fixed and mobile phone), prepaid calling cards, PSTN resale (Serome Express and Premises).

IP Telephony Services

We also provide IP telephony services such as VoIP (Serome Express II and Serome 070). We started our own IP Centrex of Serome 070 in May, 2006.

IP Telephony Solutions

We have focused on IP telephony solutions since 2005, especially on IP PBX. We have earned Cisco Premier Certified Partnership with IP communications specialization in July and eventually started our own IP PBX business in November, 2006. Now we have our expertise in IP PBX, SER (SIP Express Router), voice recording (SIP/SCCP), IVR, and voice messaging.


3F Seo Kyung Bldg, 9-22 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 135-846

Telephone: +82 2 2029 1300
Fax: +82 2 2029 1399
Email: sales@serome.co.kr
Website: www.sbinteractive.co.kr

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