SD Wan Solutions

Extend the Life of Your Data Wan

With Sangoma A-series Telephony Cards

Large multi-location retailers rely on Wide-Area-Networks (WAN) to transfer store data to headquarters to manage inventory. While newer retailers are investing in the SD-WAN (Software defined Wide-Area-Network) technology for its centralized cloud-based benefits, older retailers are slow to overhaul their existing legacy infrastructure, spanning across cities and/or countries, as the costs involved are financially unsound.

See how you can save money and extend your existing legacy data WAN network with Sangoma A-Series Cards. 

Traditional Data WAN Retail

These older retailers collect inventory data typically over an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network collecting data from each store, from within their internal LAN (Local Area Network) and transfer it to headquarters over a T1 connection through a communication provider. This requires routing equipment that automatically translate the LAN and T1 disparate networks. In the past, several vendors have been providing such router equipment. Recently they have started discontinuing some of these products, leaving retailers in a difficult situation to find alternative vendors.
Fortunately, Sangoma provides a line of A-series T1 data telephony cards which are designed to perform this exact task. Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play solution for your existing legacy router or wish to create your own cost effective router to deploy at each location, Sangoma has the answer to help you extend your existing legacy data WAN network
Sangoma A-Series Digital SDWAN Cards

Sangoma A-Series Cards

Extend the life if your data WAN network for your multi-location business with Sangoma A-series T1 telephony cards. They are highly compatible in most commercial grade servers helping you keep your existing hardware routing equipment on-site. With advanced drivers and API, they allow you to create your own routing equipment to drop in place of your existing obsolete setup. Supporting from 1-16 ports of T1/E1 that’s 32,768 Mpbs of full duplex data, all on a single PCI/PCIexpress interface slot!

Key Advantages of Using A-Series Telephony Cards
for Your Data WAN Network

Virtualization Icon

Keep Your Existing Legacy Infrastructure

A-series cards are highly compatible in most equipment and are compatible under most Linux environments

Guaranteed Support Icon


A-series telephony cards are actively supported for data WAN solutions where the competition has discontinued support making it difficult for you to get help if your system fails.

High Density Icon

High Density

A-series cards are available in 1-16 ports of T1/E1 on a single PCI interface, offering up to 32,768 Mpbs of full duplex data.

Redundancy Icon

Replaces Obsolete Router Vendor Equipment

Replace industry discontinued routers with A-series telephony cards.

Use Cases

Traditional Retail

Large Retailers collect Inventory data from each store location and pass to headquarters to dispatch local distributors to re-stock shelves.

Failover Data WAN

Modern retailers use a combination of SD-WAN and Sangoma data cards within the same all-in-one infrastructure to pass store location data to headquarters to dispatch local distributors to re-stock shelves. If the main internet connection fails, the Sangoma card, connected to headquarters over a T1 connection, take over operations until the main internet connection is restored.

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