Choosing The Best Business Phone System

Choosing the Best Phone System for Your Business

Modern businesses are requiring more sophisticated technology to better serve their customers. For organizations who are still using legacy telephony, it’s time to start the search for the best business phone system – and Sangoma is here to help. Business phone systems are the foundation of streamlined communications and keeping your business ahead of the technological curve.

Starting the Search for Your Business Phone System

Your business probably has unique requirements for their phone system.

Maybe you’re looking to expand in the future and could benefit from a cloud deployment.

Or you’re making remote work a permanent part of your business and want to ensure you have top-of-the-line mobility features.

Regardless of your situation, choosing the best business phone system makes all the difference. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled the Ultimate Business Phone System Buying Guide.

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This helpful resource includes:

Sangoma Switchvox Switchboard Business Phone System

Don’t Skip the Demos!

Scheduling live demos can feel a bit tedious. After reading up on features, pricing, and reviews, you also have to set aside time to watch each system in action. If you’re still in the early stages of choosing business phone systems, be sure to take advantage of online demos before you schedule a personalized version. This will help you come prepared with more questions and requests for your point of contact, so you get the most out of your time. Interested in Switchvox? View our on-demand demo to learn about Sangoma’s Switchvox business phone system, our all-features included pricing model, and more.

Choosing the Best Business Phone System Vendor

In today’s market, there are countless options available for business phone systems. Choosing the best business phone system vendor can seem like an overwhelming task. The most important question you can ask yourself when choosing a business phone system is “Can this vendor meet all my needs, or will I need multiple vendors?”
If the answer is the latter, keep looking. While it’s possible to juggle multiple vendors, it often means training staff on various tools, getting support from their respective resources when things go wrong, and ultimately stretching your time and money thin. The best vendor is the one that offers a single Unified Communication solution. Finding an end-to-end Unified Communications provider is crucial for streamlined communication that can be easily integrated into your current platforms.

Buying a Business Phone System: Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses often require business phone systems that offers the same features as medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. The best business phone system for a small business would be one that is scalable, simple to install and maintain, offers robust features, and works within a tight budget.
The cost of business phone systems can vary greatly depending on the vendor. Most vendors charge a set price for the system itself, then tack on additional fees for much-needed features. Usually the price of an on-premise business phone system will vary greatly. The average on-premise Switchvox phone system sold costs around $10,000. Cloud phone systems are priced on a monthly basis per seat and depend on metered versus unlimited usage. Switchvox Cloud unlimited plans start at $19.99/seat per month, with metered plans starting at $12.99/seat per month. Looking to get a simple, no-hassle quote? Click here!
Modern business phone systems make and receive calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Choosing a business phone system is an easy choice when you realize that rather than rely on analog telephony lines and legacy hardware, you can utilize your existing internet connection to save money on your phone bill! Click here to learn more about VoIP.

How Can Sangoma Help You Find The Best Business Phone System?

Now that you can evaluate business phone systems and select the best one for your company, learn more about how Sangoma can help.

Business Phone System Apps and Integrations

Switchvox offers all of the advanced features you expect from an integrated business phone system. Try Switchvox’s integrations today and see how extending communication beyond voice can empower your workforce. Learn what sets us apart from other business phone systems.

Five Steps to Consider When Implementing Business Phone Systems

Learn the best practices for Unified Communications and what to consider when implementing a business phone system

Choosing a Business Phone System Vendor

Many organizations are opting to go with a single Unified Communications vendor for their business phone system, IP phones & video conferencing software. Learn more about the value in an end-to-end Unified Communications solution when selecting a business phone system vendor.

Small Business Phone Systems and Virtualization

There are many communications choices today for a small business. A great one to consider is small business phone systems virtualization options.

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