CCaaS & Its Role In The Contact Center’s Future

The CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) movement continues to grow as contact center capabilities become increasingly outsourced. This popular model of app deployment allows organizations to buy tech capacity as needed to keep operations running smoothly.

What Is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service products offer cloud-based capacity on demand; the enterprise pays for access to contact center capabilities as part of a subscription. This model has implications on helping cut costs related to IT spending, maintenance, and support, while expanding integration. CCaaS also supports new features rollout, as updates are pushed automatically by the provider.

With CCaaS services, companies incur no investment, other than subscription costs, in infrastructure, maintenance, or physical overhead. Similarly, logistical headaches are also passed off to the service provider.

What is CCaaS Software?

CCaaS software is an abbreviation for Communication as a Service. The term refers to the process of subscribing to communications services like phone calls or texts which are provided on an ongoing basis rather than purchasing these services with an up-front payment.  CCaaS software is related to, but not the same as cloud computing, because it does not require the user to store any data on the service provider’s servers. 

The benefits of CCaaS software include the ability to make and receive calls on any device with an internet connection, automatic upgrades to new features, and low or no up-front costs. In addition, businesses can often save money by moving their phone system to the cloud.

UCaas vs CCaaS

Despite some functional overlap, CCaaS differs from the more common UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) due to varying applications. Contact Center as a Service supports customer communications, while the Unified Communications variant promotes inter-organizational collaboration.

On-demand contact center software includes call center features to assist sales and support staff, as well as the customer, whereas UCaaS options include functions such as video conferencing, messaging, email, and voice calling to streamline employee workflow and collaboration.

What are CCaaS Capabilities?

Outsourced contact center solutions are defined by several features.

Automated Contact Distributor (ACD)

The ACD routing engine intelligently queues self-service, AI chatbot CCaaS exchanges. The capability supports the omni-channel desktop, with features for handling context and designing contact flows. Managers can also pre-assign coverage areas to specific agents for intelligent customer call routing. For the service provider, this element provides critical coverage for handling customer inquiries and addressing concerns, streamlining customer relationship management (CRM) and experience management (XM).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The Contact Center as a Service function includes a customizable, interactive menu that allows callers to either speak a command or dial a number to enter a selection. IVR also integrates with ACD to support data sharing. From customers’ perspective, automated lines can be frustrating and repetitive. IVR technology streamlines the query process, helping to properly convey thoughts and questions to appropriate channels, extending customer satisfaction.

CCaaS Outbound Software / Predictive Dialer

CCaaS outbound software – or “predictive dialer” – includes features to support outbound calling. This function supports proactive outreach, as well as features to help sales and customer service agents improve connection rates and function as if situated in a physical call center. For the remote contact center, the implications are numerous, as its features serve to drive sales, support connection rates, and eliminate lag time.

Benefits of Using CCaaS Services

Competitive CCaaS installation advantages generally focus on its ability to streamline and simplify operations management. Top CCaaS benefits include:

  • Scalability – CCaaS environments can be scaled up or down, according to organizational need. Infrastructure-related investments are tossed aside, as capacity and capabilities can be added / removed.
  • Reduced Cost – Expenses associated with installing, testing, maintaining and using physical contact center solutions are eliminated using Contact Center as a Service. Organizations can restrict spending strictly to items deemed necessary for operational growth, and offset costs related to administering such infrastructure to the provider.
  • Less Overhead – CCaaS deployments support reduced overhead spending, including personnel and technology investments. Physical infrastructure – and its often-costly maintenance – are reduced to practically nothing.
  • Reinforced Customer Experience – CCaaS reinforces CX, with elements to streamline access to dedicated personnel, automate selections and obtain information without disruption.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness – Data, as its maintenance no longer falls on the organization itself, becomes accessible on a 24×7 basis, and is backed up and secured against natural and man-made disaster. Additionally, data replication technology – whereby data is stored in multiple, geographically dispersed data centers – promotes accessibility even in the event of provider failure.

Why You Need a CCaaS Solution

Businesses that spend a lot on monthly phone bills may benefit from a CCaaS solution. This is especially true for businesses with a primarily hybrid workforce because they can save money by being able to call and receive calls from their office number no matter where they are located.

In addition, most CCaaS providers allow the user to use any type of phone, whether it is a traditional landline, VoIP phone, or mobile phone. This flexibility is important because it gives the business more control over their communications and allows them to use the devices they are most comfortable with.

Finally, CCaaS providers are always upgrading their services in order to keep up with the latest technology, so businesses can be confident that they are getting the best possible CCaaS service.

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