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Choosing a VoIP Phone System for Businesses with Less Than 50 Employees

When searching for a phone system that supports between 5 – 50 users, you want the features to make you effective at an affordable price point. You also need a system that will help you grow with your business. Whether you are a family owned specialty shop, a growing services provider or an agile startup, Switchvox meets your small business phone needs.
Download our free SMB VoIP advisor toolkit to learn more about what you should look for in a phone system for your small business.

Benefits of Switchvox for Small Businesses

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Save Money

Switchvox offers small businesses the best phone system value on the market with a simple pricing structure that can accommodate even the most frugal of budgets.

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Increase Productivity

Advanced features like mobility, reporting, and integrations with popular small business applications like Outlook, Chrome, Firefox and enable you and your team to work more efficiently.

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Improve Employee Communication

Switchvox comes with chat, conference, status, mobility, and more that make internal communication much easier.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Features like auto-attendant (IVR), call queues, call control and more make phone answering and call routing a surprisingly delightful experience for callers.

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Never Miss an Opportunity

Seamlessly engage opportunities even when you’re out of the office with the Switchvox mobile application for Apple and Android powered devices.

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Drive Revenue

With Switchvox, you get tons of advanced features for one affordable price so you can serve your customers as effectively as a Fortune 500 company and drive revenue in the process.

Learn More About the Basics of Unified Communications

Our free UC Cheat Sheet will empower you with all the information you need to make the best investment in your small business phone.

Things To Look For in a Small Business Phones That Grow With You

Investing in a new phone system for your small business can seem like a daunting task. Many companies have complicated pricing structures, and trying to figure out which features you need to pay for and which ones you don’t can quickly feel overwhelming. In situations like these, it can be easy for business owners to find that they’ve overspent on a phone system that under-delivers.

The good news is, Switchvox simplifies the phone buying process for small businesses by offering every feature on the market at one affordable price. Here are some of the most important things Switchvox offers for one simple price that place it ahead of the competition.

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With Switchvox mobility, you have the ability to take your office with you wherever you go. Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) lets you converge up to five phones to work with your main extension. It keeps things simple no matter where you are. You can receive calls to your office number on any phone, even your mobile or desktop softphones. Work from home or on the road – you can stay connected and never miss a call. Learn more about Switchvox mobility and the Switchvox Softphones for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android.

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Best Value

Value can be of the highest importance for small businesses. You want to be sure you are getting the most for your investment. Can your phone system make you more productive? Will it integrate with your existing network and software systems? With a solid communications foundation, you’ll gain more customers and make more sales per customer. Find out more about how Switchvox is the best value in the SMB market.

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All Features Included

Switchvox has a simplified pricing model, and all features are included. This means you don’t get charged for costly add-ons for the features you need. For one simple price, you get voicemail, fax, music on hold, conferencing, call queues, IVRs, mobility, presence and more. See a full list of Switchvox features.

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On-Premise or Hosted?

An important decision for small businesses is, “Should I go with an on-premises or cloud-based solution?” An on-premise solution gives you control of your own appliance and the equipment is located on site. A hosted pbx, like Switchvox Cloud, is available as a service, so the system is maintained for you. This frees you from system management and lowers IT costs by hosting your equipment in the cloud. There are advantages to both solutions, so the right solution may be related to your decisions about operating expenses or capital expenses.

Hear From the Analysts

What can UCaaS do for small businesses? Watch the webinar with IHS Markit and receive a free white paper.

Things To Look For in a Small Business Phone System

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Seamless Communications

Seamless communications are important – and many businesses are using cloud services because of the flexibility and scalability this provides. Employees want to have the same user interface, regardless of where they work, so Unified Communications systems that make it easy to transition from cloud to premise-based solutions, with a common interface, will have an advantage.

We make it easy to start with Switchvox Cloud and easily migrate to an on-premise appliance in the future. Similarly, if you have your own appliance, but decide that a cloud solution would work better for you, it’s easy to migrate all of your data into the cloud and maintain the same phone system functionality you enjoyed with your on-premise solution.

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Unified Messaging

With Unified Messaging, you can simply your life because voicemail, fax, and email all go to the same inbox so you have one place to go to manage all of your communications. With the Switchvox Switchboard the same call control panel that shows your incoming call information allows you to view co-worker status and features an integrated chat client.

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Grows With You

You want a system that will easily accommodate future growth, without unexpected expenses. Scalability and advanced features are just what Switchvox provides. Ask whether the phone system allows you to easily add new users as your business expands, without disrupting your current communications system.

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Ease of Use

As a small business, your IT resources are probably at a premium. Expensive solutions that are complex to manage tie up your personnel. Switchvox is easy to manage with a point and click graphical interface. Professional training takes only a few hours to complete, so you can avoid getting bogged down with a complicated phone system that requires expensive certifications to manage.

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