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Phones for Switchvox

Experience the power of Switchvox on your desk phone. The D-series D80, D65, D62, and D60 phones offer the best value and tightest integration with your Switchvox VoIP phone system. As Switchvox supports standards-based protocols, you may use phones such as the Polycom video and IP conferencing phone to support all of your office needs.

Sangoma D80 D65 D62 Business Phones
Session Border Controller Stack by Sangoma

Session Border Controllers (SBC)

Firewalls are often times not enough to protect your VoIP network. Businesses connecting their infrastructure to a SIP trunk or VoIP connection should consider a Session Border Controller (SBC) for security, interoperability, and transcoding. 

VoIP Gateways

Easily connect to the outside world with Sangoma VoIP gateways. They allow you to convert between a traditional telephone connection, such as E1/T1/PRI or analog, and a modern VoIP connection using SIP. Sangoma’s gateways have been designed specifically for use with Switchvox, featuring a similar user interface and plug-and-play installation.

Sangoma VoIP Gateways

SIP Trunking

Sangoma’s SIP Trunking can reduce your telephony costs in minutes and deliver a higher standard of service to your business by replacing traditional phone lines. Save on your telephony bill with lower rates for local and long distance and simplify your communications into a single data connection. And, with Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) capabilities, you can still receive phone calls even if your phone system is unavailable.

Switchvox Subscriptions

Your subscriptions plan entitles you to free product updates and 24×7 technical support for the lifetime of the plan. Each user on Switchvox needs a subscription.
Switchvox On-Premises Add-on Subscriptions
Switchvox Feature Packs Image

Switchvox Phone Feature Packs

Phone Feature Packs allow you to integrate your Polycom and Snom phones with Switchvox to add greater flexibility and control for users and administrators.

Switchvox Hardware Warranty

Switchvox comes with a standard 1-year warranty, but for a low cost, you can extend the coverage and replacement of your Switchvox Appliance for up to 5 years!

Switchvox Hardware Warranty Image

Headsets for D-Series and S-Series Phones

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom from wires with professional entry-level wireless headsets, designed for use with Sangoma D-Series IP Phones. Benefit from enhanced ergonomics and all day talk time as you multitask around the office while staying connected to your phone calls.

Sangoma customer using the H10 headset during a Sangoma Meet video conference call
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