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Choosing a VoIP Phone System for Businesses with 150+ Employees

With a large business of 150+ employees or more, you want a communications solution, not just a phone system. It must be designed to handle the requirements of your active business. You want a UC system that scales to support multiple sites and remote connectivity, with redundancy and options to support multiple offices and peer systems together.

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Advanced Peering

On a Switchvox system, dialing an extension number gets you to your employees phone whether they are across the hall or across the world. With shared presence information, you’ll know who’s available before picking up the phone, and custom status messages can help to keep your coworkers in the know. It’s all standards-based so you can even integrate with your favorite chat client or presence server.



The mobile workforce can be the lifeblood of large businesses. Supporting remote workers with desktop and mobile softphone applications for Mac, Windows, iPhones and Android devices is key. This allows your employees to take their office on the road and still enjoy advanced features like the Switchboard call control panel, wherever they are.

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With redundant power supplies and RAID-1 hard disk mirroring, the larger Switchvox appliances have the features built in to keep your system up and running with a minimum of down time. For business-critical applications adding a cold spare redundant appliance keeps you working.

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Best Value

Large businesses benefit from Switchvox because it is a full-featured unified communications system with an elegant, easy-to-use graphical user interface. However, getting a system that meets your needs at a compelling price point is often a challenge as businesses shop for larger phone systems. Switchvox has a simple, “all features included” pricing model. While other vendors may charge you extra for queues, conferencing, and IVRs, these all come standard on Switchvox and are included in the base price.

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Large businesses typically have large IT infrastructures including multiple servers and other equipment for each individual technology used in their business. With each technology requiring its own server – for example, voicemail, email, mobility, file storage, etc, it’s easy to see how that can quickly add up to an excessive amount of IT hardware being housed and maintained on-site.

A few common struggles large businesses experience as a result of excess IT hardware include expensive maintenance costs, increased demand for IT resources (both people and time), larger storage requirements, and increasingly complex systems that often require even more sophisticated technologies.

Virtualization offers a fairly simple solution to this problem. With virtualization, instead of each individual technology requiring its own server, they can all be combined on a single “virtualized” server that is equipped with virtualization software like VMWare.

By combining several technologies onto one piece of hardware using virtualization, large businesses can save money, time, resources, space, and complexity while also gaining flexibility, scalability, security, and more. That’s probably why IT industry experts at Spiceworks say “more than 76% of organizations are taking advantage of virtualization today, and that number will continue to grow in the future.” The many benefits of virtualization are also likely why, according to VMWare, some of the largest and most well-known companies like AT&T, Rackspace, eBay, and PayPal have all virtualized their networks.

To learn more about virtualization and how it can help your business, take a look at our Virtualization page.

Growing a Large Business with Unified Communications

According to Stephen Allen, Director at Intellect IT, a Sangoma partner, "Switchvox IP PBXs deliver integrated Unified Communications as part of its standard platform. Intellect IT was able to offer an all-in-one solution to Pioneer that was straight forward to implement, easy to manage and cost effective."
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