Switchvox for Zendesk

Customer support made easier

Switchvox for Zendesk saves you time - so you can support even more customers

Your company wants data, your clients want your undivided attention - achieve both

Effectively tracking interactions between staff and customers is critical, and every Zendesk note counts. In some cases that one additional documented communication could be key to winning the deal. Zendesk is a great Customer Service and Sales CRM tool, if you can utilize it to your favor. Take the power of Zendesk and elevate it with Switchvox integration.

Make More Phone Calls Icon

Make More Phone Calls

Save time when dialing a record’s phone number using Click-to-Dial.

Know Who's Calling Icon

Know Who's Calling

Screen pops help you quickly know who is calling, so you can engage your customers with context.

Fast and Accurate Logging Icon

Fast and Accurate Logging

Spend more time entering notes about your call and don’t worry about caller details. Switchvox for Zendesk will handle creating new activity logs.
Never Forget to log a Call Icon

Never Forget to Log a Call

Finished a call but forgot to log it? Access your Switchvox Call Logs directly in Zendesk.
Log Calls on your Time Icon


Log in and out of your queues.
Share your Status Icon

Share Your Status

Keep your coworkers up to date on your availability by managing your status without having to leave Zendesk.

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