Switchvox gives your company the flexibility to call or be called when you want, how you want, and with whatever technology you choose. 

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Use Any Device

Switchvox phone system calling features allow you to choose what device works best for you. Because Switchvox uses open standards, you are not tied down to one type of handset to communicate. Use an IP phone, smartphone, video phone, softphone, home phone, and more to stay connected to the people that drive your business.

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Connect Your Offices

No longer do you need to worry about costly long distance bills just to keep your internal communication going. Move all your internal voice traffic onto your existing network and immediately save money. Peering Switchvox systems allow you to treat your many offices as one, centralized unit, regardless of geography.  If you prefer, choose Switchvox Cloud and let Sangoma manage the solution for you.
*Switchvox Cloud is available in the lower US 48 states, only.

Call Routing

Switchvox provides advanced incoming and outgoing call routing features that are powerful and flexible enough to allow you to create the calling experience you expect for your customers and employees, but simple enough that anyone can set up with ease.

Flexible Outgoing Routes

Switchvox phone system calling features allow you to control which provider you use for every call allowing you to easily set up least cost routing to save money and downtime.

Flexible Incoming Routes

With Switchvox, each incoming call can be handled in a unique way. You can set up unique messaging, menu options, music, and determine which person or group answers for every incoming phone number.

Call Control

All the standard phone system calling features you expect are included with Switchvox. Control your calling experience by using traditional features like Transfer, Hold, Conference, and Call Parking or with advanced call control like Call Pickup, Do Not Disturb, Find-Me, Follow Me, Intercom and more.

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Personal Call Rules

Call Rules, commonly known as find-me-follow-me, allow each user to control how calls get to them and where. Send calls to your mobile, home phone, or directly to voicemail and more.

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Video Calling

Video calling is built right into Switchvox, so all you need is a video-capable phone. Switchvox supports the common video codecs H.263 and H.264, and it works with the Polycom VVX1500.

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Peered Switchvoxes

Switchvox systems can be linked together (“peered”) simply through your internet connection, so you can easily make calls among your offices. This allows for quick-and-easy dialing, and more importantly, a big cost-savings for your company.

Switchvox Cloud - Hosted
Phone System

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Switchvox On-Premises

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