VoLTE and Its Impact on Enterprise

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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is coming! (In fact, some areas are already using it.) And it will have an impact on your enterprise.  Incoming calls to the phone system of your business or contact center will be coming in with HD Voice codecs. Is your phone system going to be ready to handle VoLTE? VoLTE

I know what you are thinking.  I’m using LTE now (my mobile phone says so), so aren’t my calls already on VoLTE? It’s possible, and if you’re not already using it, you will be soon. In fact, according to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, “in total 229 operators are investing in VoLTE in 107 countries including 156 operators with deployed/launched VoLTE voice services in 76 countries, up from 145 in 70 countries in April 2018”. That information is certainly interesting because it demonstrates that the world is moving to VoLTE for sure.

But it does not mean that your calls are necessarily VoLTE right now.  Whether you are using VoLTE or not is a confusing topic right now. It depends on several factors, including the type of phone, your carrier, your location, as well as the phone and the network on the other end of the call (whether the network is RCS enabled, etc.).  And some mobile carriers are currently only using LTE for data, leaving voice calls on their existing networks.  

So as we march down the VoLTE path (and we will get there), it means there will be an HD Voice codec (AMR-WB or EVS) coming at your enterprise.  And given the enhanced quality of an HD voice call, being able to handle the HD voice codec is important, especially, say, if you want to have an all-HD conference call or if you want to make sure the HD call can go to your voicemail system.  For those operating legacy systems, you will certainly want to be able to connect those systems to that HD voice call. If you want be able to handle that codec, then your gateway and/or session border controller (SBC) will need to either support transcoding of those codecs or be able to pass them through. To help with this and to ensure that your phone system will be able to handle the HD voice codecs commonly used in VoLTE, Sangoma offers the Dialogic IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway. It provides a variety of interworking and transcoding options to ensure service delivery flexibility and eliminate the need for separate hardware. Check out Sangoma’s Dialogic IMG 2020 here!

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