Putting Some Numbers Behind the Unified Communications Value Proposition

Jim Machi
VP of Marketing, Sangoma

Businesses buy new phone systems for a variety of reasons. There could be a new location. The old phone system might have been outgrown or may just be too old and about to fall over dead. The business could be looking for new features beyond just voice or may be replacing a plain old phone system that ended up costing too much (because of PSTN trunks for high maintenance fees). These are all good reasons. Today, most new phone systems are of the Unified Communications (UC) type – offering features beyond just basic voice.

Plain Old Phone System vs UC

Why a UC system and not just a plain old phone system?  Well, for the most part, other forms of communication come packaged with the plain old phone system nowadays.And they come with it because not only has technology enabled it, but users have demanded these integrated “unified” communication systems.

UC vs Plain Old Phone System
Most businesses are choosing UC over a plain old phone system. Source: Eastern Management Group report.

The drivers for buying UC phone systems that you typically hear are:

  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Productivity Gains

These are typical since, with UC, there can be other forms of communication, such as instant messaging, that can happen simultaneously while occupied with some other communication activity, such as during a conference call. Or you remain connected with your smartphone outside of the actual business environment so you can “expand” your office hours.  Or because all the calls are on IP, the business can save mobile phone and PSTN trunks charges. Add this all up, and the business scores efficiency and productivity gains.

But can these gains really be quantified? Yes, they can.

Sangoma partnered with the Eastern Management Group to undertake a wide-ranging survey aimed at providing some quantified data on value improvements in different areas to help explain why modern businesses are trading in their plain old phone system for UC. Click here to read the report!

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