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On November 8, IHS Markit and Sangoma held a webinar titled “UCaaS and the small business: adoption and implementation.” (If you want to listen to a replay, please click here.)

To better understand our audience and their small business UC deployments, during the webinar, we conducted a poll asking, “What are you using today in your UC deployment?” The top two answers aren’t really surprising to me but are potentially illuminating to readers of this blog.

small business uc deployments webinar poll results

The number one answer, at 40%, is that the deployed system today is a PBX/key system. I’m used to seeing some of our customer base come from old digital and analog-based phone systems that only did voice. And I’m used to it because these systems worked well for that customer and just kept on working. That is until they didn’t or until the customer needed something more than voice. So, usually, some kind of event occurred for that business (like moving offices, or growing, or the system just couldn’t be maintained anymore) but that migration is slower than even industry experts think. This is why we see “industry” people sometimes shocked when an organization is still NOT on an IP-based system.

The number two answer, at 33%, was the deployed UC system is cobbled via a variety of PBX, conference, messaging, and collaboration platforms. This is normal for most businesses – they add the functionality they need by adding adjunct type systems. But at some point in time, it becomes cumbersome to keep using and paying for all these different systems. It’s just sort of a mess to keep track of. And that’s also a typical kind of customer that moves to a Sangoma UC platform – someone who wants to simplify things and to get more cost-effective in their communications platforms, which is exactly the point of UC.

Next Steps

To learn about migrating to cloud-based UC deployments, watch the recorded webinar now.

Sangoma offers both CPE and cloud-based PBX / UC systems. To learn more about UC, click here.

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