Data Traffic Trends and the (Video) Impact on Enterprise Communications

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Every year, I take a look at Internet data traffic trends because these trends have huge impacts on the enterprise and, specifically, enterprise communications. (One place to look for this data is the Cisco Visual Networking Index report.)

Let’s take a look at where the Internet traffic is coming from. 4G generated 72% of all mobile traffic in 2017, even though 4G represents only 35% of all mobile connections.

So there is a lot of mobile traffic going to 4G. More than half of all of this traffic is video streaming, with projections of nearly 80% being video by 2022. And when 5G arrives, it is expected to generate 2.6x more traffic than a 4G connection by 2022.

So a lot of video! More than likely, none of this is news to you. After all, we’ve all watched videos on our smart devices, and many of us have also streamed TV shows or live sports events on them as well.

But what does this mean to you if you are an enterprise business? One implication is that users coming into to your contact center, or communicating with you, will be more and more comfortable with video.

So incorporating video as a regular and consistent way to communicate with your business users can increase customer engagement. Sangoma itself has noticed the rise in views for our different types of videos, whether they are training videos, informational type videos, or just short videos about our products.

These trends also mean your business communication platforms should be video capable so your business can handle the inevitable migration to a more video-centric business communications.

This is part one of a two-part series on the impact of data traffic trends on enterprise communications. Read the second part here. And subscribe to the blog to keep up with the latest telecom thought leadership!

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