Data Traffic Trends and the (5G) Impact on Enterprise Communications

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A couple of months ago, I spent some blog time going over the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, specifically talking about the coming impact of video and WiFi on the enterprise.  However, I’d also like to use this blog post to go over the impact of 5G on the enterprise. Even though WiFi will generate over half of mobile traffic by 2022, 5G, as indicated in the Cisco VNI graph, will start to play a large role.

Devices and Connections by Network Type

But what does this mean to you if you are an enterprise business? Just that someone on a 5G network using a 5G smart device will be calling into your contact center, right? Well, yes, that’s one implication for sure.

But it also means faster speeds, and it means your entire business could be connected to the outside world via a mobile connection, i.e. that a wireless connection is the “last mile” to your business. Mobile SIP trunking, if you will. Your entire business could be connected this way. You could have your own network slice.

And I’ll also go back to video. While much of the video traffic will be handled over WiFi, 5G will enable wireless video easily. A conference call can be easily be video now. And you can send video or massive amounts of data quickly, so if there is a need to get data from one place to another, or to have a video call, then it can happen right then and there.

For us everyday types, I would also think Unified Communications will become different.  Right now, UC is basically a unified toolkit including presence, texting, file sharing, and some video.  But the video, even on landlines, can be spotty, even on its best days. The speeds possible with 5G will go far in improving that. So we’ll see huge changes in how we communicate with each other when 5G comes out.

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