Success Story

The Fragrance Shop

Sweet Smell of Success for Retail Chain as Switchvox and CRM Integration Blossoms

The Customer

The Fragrance Shop is the UK’s largest independent perfume and beauty retailer. With 200 stores in as many different towns and cities – and millions of customers online – it has been a highly visible and trusted brand since it first appeared on the High Street almost 30 years ago. Its mission: to provide every one of its valued customers with a pleasurable and fulfilling shopping experience; helping them choose the perfect treat or gift from its range of over 6,000 high-quality products.

Business Challenges

As a household-name brand determined to continually repeat recent awards success for service brilliance, The Fragrance Shop knew its communications technology needed to better-respond to the sophisticated demands of today’s modern consumer. It knew traditional retail was changed forever and that those changes were inextricably linked to a new and still-evolving ‘palm of the hand’ shopping culture that voraciously leverages ever-smarter technology. With more and more of its time-starved customers buying online and over the phone, it knew they craved a rich, slick, and light-touch experience which would encourage them to return again and again. And, with its work-from-anywhere sales and service teams rapidly expanding in response to the seismic and ongoing shift in consumer behaviour, it also knew that it needed to join-up its multiple communication channels with its mission-critical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The challenges were multiple and complex. The existing telephony solution lacked sufficient queue management and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality, which made for a clunky and dissatisfying caller experience. It also lacked call reporting functionality; preventing the historical and real-time analysis of call frequency, volume, duration, or quality that is necessary for efficiency-boosting strategic decision making, dispute resolution, reputational safeguarding, and employee training And, most significantly, the existing system lacked the ability to integrate with the business’ CRM platform critical to its marketing, sales and service initiatives and key to converting captured and curated customer engagement data into revenue.

Solutions from Sangoma

Accredited Sangoma Integrator Partner Tenacity IT worked with The Fragrance Shop to fully understand its business model, dependencies, workflows, customer behaviours and communication processes to propose a fresh, new approach. Sangoma’s innovative, cloud based Switchvox as a Service hosted communication platform quickly emerged as the perfect solution. Replicating all Head Office communication functionality on any connected device, anytime and anywhere via a single application, it instantly provided rich and powerful unified communication features such as voice, video, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and full call management. Selected users got a personalised switchboard, visual voicemail, mobile and desktop softphone for calls and chat, call queueing, contact centre functionality, detailed call reporting, conference calling and auto-attendant capabilities; all included as standard. And it was customised to integrate seamlessly with the business’ existing Zendesk CRM platform, a must-have component of the new set-up. Tenacity IT trained staff on how to use the new system and supported supervisors in the adoption of new switchboards to monitor and distribute calls with maximum efficiency.

The Results

Where once an outdated, disjointed, and unfit-for-purpose telephone system once struggled to cope with the demands of a modern retail environment, a powerful, feature-rich and seamlessly connected communications platform now delivers always-on enterprise-grade performance. Functionality, flexibility, and reliability is combined with transformational cost-effectiveness – helping the business in its determination to win more of those coveted service awards AND underpinning its aspirations to boost profitability, grow and succeed.