Success Story


A Premier Logistics Company Delivers Superior Customer Service With Sangoma

The Customer

Temco Logistics is a premier, white glove solutions provider delivering and installing home goods since 1968. Headquartered in Pomona, California, the company has fulfilled millions of residential and commercial deliveries for some of America’s largest retailers. Focusing on big and bulky products, Temco prides itself on elevating the final-mile delivery experience for its customers.

Business Challenges

The logistics industry plays a key role in the transportation of goods to consumers, but is often forgotten when it comes to customer service communications. With their previous system, Temco Logistics was struggling to manage massive call volumes, inflexible queues, and overall stability. They realized they needed a better customer service solution that would allow them to differentiate themselves with clients and streamline their communications workflows.

Solutions from Sangoma

Temco reached out to their local Sangoma representative to learn more about Sangoma’s Contact Center offering. During their discovery, they learned that Contact Center provided several advantages over competing solutions, such as ease of operation, an intuitive user interface, and high value reporting. Contact Center was fully equipped to handle Temco’s large call volumes, averaging 20,000 to 40,000 calls per month and up to 91,000 during sales events. Contact Center also came at a more affordable and cost-effective price, which combined with its superior feature suite, set Sangoma apart.

The Results

Temco Logistics now has the supporting infrastructure and features they need to deliver superior customer service. They love Contact Center’s reliability, ease of use, and advanced feature suite. The ability to build and use new queues on the same day, switch queues on the fly, and easily answer on-hold customer calls with the call back feature have been game changers for their daily operations. Sangoma’s Contact Center build-in reporting has also allowed them to make better business decisions informed by data. Rob Fiedler, Director of Customer Experience at Temco Logistics, had this to say about his experience with the platform: “This system is proving to be one of the best I have ever used in my 15 years of managing call centers.” Fiedler cited the most helpful aspects of using Contact Center, saying, “This system is very user friendly. My supervisors and my agents have a very small learning curve to be proficient with this system. There are no conflicts with any of our other software systems. The overall value for dollar has been impressive. I have worked with systems that were far more expensive but did not have the functionality and stability of Contact Center. The initial start up cost was significantly less than other systems I have deployed. The monthly costs have enabled me to keep my costs lower than most BPO options, while still being able to provide world class service.” In addition to these benefits, Contact Center also continues to deliver exceptional value to Temco with robust reporting that provides the insight they need to make cost saving decisions and provide real-time feedback to agents and supervisors. They saved $40,000 on annual labor costs, $20,000 on annual phone costs, and were able to offer remote work options to 45% of staff, which saved them even more in overhead costs. He was also pleased with the level of service and support he receives from the Sangoma team: “Communication [with Sangoma] is outstanding. From sales to support they always address my concerns and act quickly on them.”