Success Story


Prudent in India Achieves World-Class Contact Center Setup with Sangoma

The Customer

Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd. is a leading wealth management company that provides wealth management services to personal and corporate investors. The company was founded in the year 2000 and has been providing investment services in mutual funds distribution, equities, derivatives, third-party investment, fixed-income products, life & general insurance, commodities, and real estate. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, the company has 70 branches in 19 states across the country. Presently, Prudent serves over 11,000 channel partners and over half a million customers.

Business Challenges

As an investment advisory and wealth management firm, winning the confidence of investors is of paramount importance to Prudent Corporate. The company launched its customer support arm to solve the queries of investors and assist sub-brokers in accessing information related to investments. The toll-free number was backed by a primitive dialer solution without any modern integration and reporting features. As the company grew and the call volumes increased, the customer faced the following challenges:  Lack of a system to track dropped/missed calls  Manual report generation for different call parameters  Longer wait times due to the system’s inability to auto-transfer calls to the next idle agent  Higher turnaround time without real-time access to agent performance  Increased agent attrition rate due to the manual mode of operations

Solutions from Sangoma

Prudent Corporate needed an efficient solution to optimize their call center operations while improving the productivity of the agents. In 2017, the company approached Elision to help them with a robust contact center solution. Elision TechnoLab LLP is the leading supplier and pioneer of VoIP solutions all over the world. The company provides tailor-made contact center solutions to enterprises and SMBs. Elision undertook the task of transforming Prudent Corporate’s traditional call center to a state-of-the-art automated call center with the following key features:  Manual Dialer  Predictive Dialer  Call Recording  Real-Time Reporting, Call Barging & Call Whispering  Historical Call Detail Reports on different metrics The solution included all required calling features, such as, In-Group Selection, Call Transfer, Call Park, Call Hold and Retrieve, Mute, Log Out. It was aimed to empower the agents to improve their productivity with the help of automated inbound/outbound call management features. Elision’s turnkey solution was backed by the following functional environment:  1 X server  Call center solution for 30+ seats  1 X PRI line  1 X Sangoma voice & data card Elision used the Sangoma 1-port E1 card (A101) optimized for voice and data over E1 lines. It was a perfect fit in this scenario as it provided a dedicated port for voice gateway for high volume inbound and outbound calls. Primary reasons for using Sangoma A101 card in this setup: 1. The card is built to handle 30 simultaneous voice calls (or 2,048 Mbps full duplex data). 2. The card is designed to work with any contact center software to create a voice gateway for high volume inbound/outbound calls. 3. The card offers telco-grade echo cancellation and superior audio quality. 4. The card reduces CPU usage thus providing optimized system performance. 5. The card is well-known for excellent compatibility in most commercially available servers and motherboards. Sangoma telephony cards are compatible with virtually all Linux and Windows environments as well as standard servers. Included in thousands of worldwide projects, they are trusted cards for dependability, flexibility, and interoperability. They come with a lifetime warranty on parts & labor. Although the A101 cards are modular, they are tested, assembled, and supplied as a unit complete with cables.

The Results

The deployment helped the customer to optimize the solution and achieve a first-class customer service center. The significant improvements included:  Digital call quality with minimum disturbance  80% improvement in agent productivity  50.5% decrease in dropped call ratio  100% reduction in agent attrition rate  Increased investor satisfaction due to improved service quality “We are thankful to Elision, the provider of the contact center solution, and Sangoma, the manufacturer of the VoIP gateway infrastructure that supported Elision’s solution, for helping us achieve the dream of providing the ‘WOW’ experience to every Prudent customer.” – Herat Gandhi, Customer Service Head, Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd.