Success Story


IT'TEK Enables Smooth Transition of Customers into IP Communications through Sangoma Vega Gateways

The Customer

IT’TEK is based in western France and deals with offering network and telephony services to its customers. In addition to being an ISP which provides Internet services over fiber optic and SDSL, the company also provides hosted SIP trunking and WiFi hosting services.

Business Challenges

IT’TEK has a large customer base, a majority of them using legacy telephony solutions based on ISDN links. For those customers who do not have plans or resources to migrate into a full-fledged IP network system, the legacy infrastructure sets several limitations. The #1 disadvantage is the large amount of money that the customer needs to spend on monthly telephone bills for their business. Other difficulties were the lack of flexibility and issues associated with their old, obsolete infrastructure. IT’TEK’s goal was to help their customer with a modern solution that directly addressed the challenges. The ISP wanted a resilient, reliable and interoperable solution that enabled the smooth and secure transition of traditional links to modern IP infrastructure. The agenda was to move the customers’ phone numbers to IT’TEK’s SIP Trunking service through number portability. The ISP was on the lookout for a reputed global brand who could provide the solution cost-effectively. The performance of the product and the quality of support from the vendor were also major criteria to choose the right solution. IT’TEK was introduced to Sangoma Vega Gateways through DistriWan, the Sangoma distributor in France.

Solutions from Sangoma

Up until now, IT’TEK has deployed Vega 50 Gateways including 2BRI, 4BRI, and 4FXS for several end- customers. IT’TEK first sets up the environment with a Sangoma Vega Gateway. On the day of migration, the customers’ phone numbers are ported into IT’TEK’s system. Next, IT’TEK unplugs the ISDN Analog lines from the old service provider and connects them to the Sangoma media gateway. The implementation is extremely easy because IT’TEK works with the same base configuration and only needs to customize a few things based on the client’s custom dial-plan.

The Results

Sangoma Vega Gateways have enabled IT’TEK to deploy a reliable, high-quality solution to its customers at a lucrative price-point. The most noteworthy thing is that the customers’ PBX systems remained unchanged giving them the freedom to leverage their existing infrastructure while facilitating their transition into a modern, more superior service through the installation of an analog gateway. While the investment involved in the deployment of a Vega gateway itself is small, the benefits are multifold. For the end-customer, transition from traditional ISDN links to SIP Trunking means a massive reduction in monthly telephone bills (for their offices). For IT’TEK, this is an opportunity to provide value-added services to their customers, extend their client-database, and an opportunity to grow their profits through new revenue models. Benefits:  Save costs on monthly telephone bills  Leverage existing PBX