Success Story

Fung Lea Food

Major Australian Food Distributor, Fung Lea Food, Upgrades Communications with Sangoma

The Customer

Headquartered on the southeastern coast of Australia, Fung Lea Food Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1987 with a focus on supplying fresh seafood to local restaurants and clubs. In its over three decade history, it has expanded significantly to supply fresh and prepared seafood, poultry, and other cuisines to restaurants and stores across Australia, Asia, and even into the European Union. They are proud to offer the best quality food available for the most competitive price.

Business Challenges

Fung Lea Food Ltd. found themselves struggling with three separate on-premise phone systems deployed in three separate locations. All three were very old legacy phone systems, one of them had already died, in fact. Their systems provided only the most basic functionality, lacking many advanced features that modern businesses have come to rely on. The missing functionality included some major features such as the necessary system connections to allow for busy lamp fields (BLF) to display extension status across locations. Their legacy phone systems also lacked any call control outside of manually answering, hanging up, and dialing a call. This meant their phone system did not have the customizable call rules to establish call queues and initiate different conditions based on time, such as after-hours messaging. All in all, Fung Lea Food Ltd. needed a complete solution to their communications dilemma.

Solutions from Sangoma

In the course of shopping around for a new phone system, Fung Lea Food Ltd. found that Sangoma was the perfect one stop shop for all the requirements they had for the future of their business communications. They wanted communications from all offices and locations to be distributed from a single, central IP PBX with all hardware and software deployed as simply as possible to keep system maintenance and administration as straightforward as possible. And because they had the experienced technical staff necessary to handle system maintenance, Fung Lea Food Ltd. desired an on-premise phone system to capitalize on the long term cost savings of forgoing monthly hosting and maintenance fees in favor of a single capital expenditure to invest in their system hardware, software, and accessories. Additionally, their business had really grown since they had last invested in their business phone system. They really needed the expanded functionality and advanced features their legacy phone systems lacked, with call queues, time conditions, voicemail, and dynamic BLF keys on their handsets topping the list of requirements. Luckily for Fung Lea Food Ltd., they were able to find everything they needed plus the potential for more with an advanced Unified Communications (UC) phone system from Sangoma.

The Results

Fung Lea Food Ltd. deployed FreePBX virtually on their secure internal Hyper-V virtual environment. This made it incredibly simple to configure and connect, even with multiple locations. To complete their solutions, they provisioned 25 brand new Sangoma S-Series desktop IP phones and a number of cordless DECT phones. And to facilitate the advanced functionality they required from their new phone system, Fung Lea Food’s new FreePBX phone system was augmented with several key commercial modules from Sangoma. These included modules to provide extension routing, the Sangoma End Point Manager, interactive voice response, call queues, music on hold, call recording, time/date call rules, advanced call control, and weekly off site system backup. The staff at Fung Lea Food Ltd. are very impressed with their new Sangoma UC business phone system. If they had to pick two words to describe Sangoma and FreePBX, they would be “simplicity” and “flexibility.” This is because both the IT and regular staff were astonished by how quickly their phone system was deployed and how easily FreePBX was configured to meet their specific requirements and provision their new phones with the Sangoma End Point Manager. Deployed in a single morning, Fung Lea Food Pty. Ltd. majorly upgraded their business communications, adopting the latest in UC technology, while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum, ensuring they didn’t miss a single call from their significant customer base.