Success Story

Enhanced Supply Chain Scalability for 210 Chain Restaurants with Proactive Support and Custom Solutions

Sangoma Delivers Connectivity Success for a Leading American Casual Dining Restaurant Chain

The Customer

The customer is an American casual dining restaurant chain that has a significant presence across the United States, with about 210 locations located throughout the country.

Business Challenges

The American casual dining restaurant chain faced significant connectivity challenges. They had previously partnered with another Managed Service Provider (MSP) but were left disappointed with the experience. The main challenges they faced included inadequate support from the MSP, which resulted in frequent connectivity issues and disruptions in their operations. Moreover, the cost of broadband services was prohibitively high, making it challenging for the restaurant chain to maintain profitability. The restaurant chain also felt that their previous provider was not a reliable and effective technology partner. Lastly, the global supply chain shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more challenging for them to secure the necessary hardware for technology upgrades.

Solutions from Sangoma

Sangoma stepped in to address the pressing challenges faced by the restaurant chain and provided them with a tailored solution to meet their connectivity needs. The solution offered better broadband speeds nationwide at a more competitive price, helping to reduce operational costs. Sangoma ensured a seamless technology transition by delivering hardware and technology solutions that were very similar to what was already in place, making the customer comfortable with the change. Despite the supply chain shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sangoma successfully sourced and delivered all the necessary hardware without any issues, ensuring a smooth installation process. Sangoma also worked diligently to meet the restaurant chain’s tight deadline and completed the installation in less than 8 months, just in time for Black Friday and the holiday season shutdown.

The Results

The collaboration between the customer and Sangoma was a game-changer for the restaurant chain. Thanks to Sangoma’s expertise, the chain experienced significant improvements in connectivity, with better broadband speeds across all locations. This resulted in smoother operations and an enhanced customer experience. Moreover, Sangoma’s solution significantly reduced the overall cost of broadband services, contributing to the restaurant chain’s profitability. Sangoma’s proactive support and tailored solutions also made them a reliable and trustworthy technology partner. They addressed the shortcomings of the previous MSP and ensured supply chain resilience by procuring and delivering all required hardware during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sangoma completed the installation efficiently, allowing the restaurant chain to be fully operational before the critical Black Friday and holiday season. This was a crucial milestone, completed in less than eight months, in ensuring the restaurant chain’s competitiveness in a challenging industry. In conclusion, Sangoma’s dedication and expertise were instrumental in helping the restaurant chain overcome connectivity challenges, reduce costs, and become more competitive. With improved broadband connectivity, reliable support, and a seamless technology transition, the restaurant chain was well-prepared to serve its customers during the busy holiday season and beyond.