Success Story

2X Communications

Telecom Company Grows into the Hosted VoIP Market with VoIP Innovations, a Sangoma Company

The Customer

2X Communications is an internet telecommunications service provider that started in 2008 offering cabling and a now legacy digital business phone system. Pretty soon after their ounding, the team at 2X Communications started offering hosted VoIP solutions and have enjoyed steady growth since 2010.

Business Challenges

After starting their hosted offerings using DIDs supplied at higher per-line prices by their manufacturer, 2X Communications began the search for a wholesale provider to take advantage of better pricing and service provider functionality. Searching the Internet, asking other businesses, and contacting vendors, 2X Communications was looking for a wholesale provider that was easy to use, responsive, and backed by a great support team. The search was initially disappointing. 2X Communications contacted vendor after vendor, just to be met with silence. No replies to calls or emails. So they were justifiably skeptical contacting VoIP Innovations, expecting yet another disappointment. Much to their surprise, it took just one phone call to VoIP Innovations for DIDs and a billing platform to be up and running within a day.

Solutions from Sangoma

2X Communications was operating three different hosted systems when they contacted VoIP Innovations, a Sangoma Company, about setting up and connecting SIP trunks for these systems. Using VoIP Innovations’ standard rate deck offered substantial savings over the per-line retail SIP trunking they were currently using. And much to their surprise, it took less than 30 minutes for the team to complete the connections and the systems to start receiving traffic.

The Results

New and existing customers were immediately amazed at how fast 2X Communications could have them set up with VoIP services. These customers were used to having to contact a telecom and go through all the many hoops to schedule a technician to come install the line. The ability to request and connect to services in minutes, from anywhere, has helped 2X Communications shine, with many satisfied customers. In fact, the speed with which the 2X Communications team can set up a company is crucial to their bottom line. Since offering this service, 2X Communications has grown at least 30-40% every year. And 2X Communications soon found that any fears of being left unsupported and out of touch were ungrounded. When asked what functionality has been most beneficial in leading them to choose VoIP Innovations, Kala Mullney, president of 2X Communications, says this about the Support team: “Whether it’s sales, porting, or tech, every person has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have said this to them before, their level of customer support should be the standard for every company’