Quantifying the Productivity Improvement of Chat and Instant Messaging

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Chat and Instant Messaging ProductivityHave you ever wondered just how much presence and instant messaging improve your productivity? Or maybe you wonder if it doesn’t improve at all because of the constant, never-ending, unremitting, relentless interruptions? In fact, there are quite a few articles you can find about the topic of whether or not it does.

Based on those that I read, I would say most of the articles conclude that chat and instant messaging do indeed improve productivity. Answers can come more quickly. If you are on a conference call, this type of interruption can be okay. Or, if are about to take a break, but don’t want to get on the phone, you can answer really quickly.

But we set up to try and quantify the effect of presence and chat, among many other features. How much does it improve productivity? Sangoma worked with the Eastern Management Group who undertook a wide-ranging Unified Communications Productivity Quantification survey and came up with some quantified value improvements in different areas. One such area was the improvement from chat and instant messaging (IM).

The respondents reported a 10% productivity improvement due to increased decision speed and quality (as a result of the ability to get other people’s opinions faster). This makes sense. The possibility of interruptions is balanced by what is good about chat and IM. I use them every day, but only when I need a quick answer. This allows me to collect information while I am in the middle of producing some kind of content or making an important decision. Saves me time, for sure.

To learn more about the different ways UC boosts productivity, read Eastern Management Group’s findings. The report can be obtained here.


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