Sangoma Announces Shipment of its One Millionth Desk Phone

Desk phones Provide Highly Strategic Complement to Cloud Communications Service


MARKHAM, ONTARIO – September 19,  2022 – Sangoma Technologies Corporation (“Sangoma”) (TSXV: STC), Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX: STC; Nasdaq: SANG), a trusted leader in delivering cloud-based Communications as a Service solutions for companies of all sizes today announced Sangoma’s one millionth IP desk phone was sold and shipped to Jenne Inc., a long-time Sangoma partner.

Sangoma’s IP desk phones are part of the entire, integrated cloud communications suite, all designed and engineered by Sangoma, that works together in a seamless manner. The solution includes Sangoma’s UCaaS system (or on-premises version), the desk phone, mobile and desktop client software, Sangoma’s collaboration-as-a-service client (TeamHub), and Sangoma’s video meetings service (Sangoma Meet).

“Desk phones are still a very important part of our portfolio, a part that our customers depend upon very heavily, including and especially as a part of our cloud solution,” said Jim Machi, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Sangoma. “Many of our customers use both desk phones as well as our mobile and desktop clients to communicate. And since we manufacture our own desk phones and develop our own cloud communications software, we are able to provide deep integration between our phones and our cloud communications services, in a way that other phone manufacturers or UCaaS companies simply cannot do. This kind of integration has contributed to the successful growth of this important product line at Sangoma, differentiating us from our competitors and leading to this one-million-unit milestone.”

When customers buy desk phones from Sangoma, they get capabilities on-board the phone, that are unique in the cloud communications industry, for their integration with the cloud service. For example, when used with Sangoma’s UCaaS system, the customer can see ‘visual voicemail,’ right on the phone’s screen. Or, when used with Sangoma’s CCaaS offering, customers can see call queues directly on their desk phone (as well as on the soft client).

“We love that Sangoma designs and manufactures their own phones ,” said Fred Stoeger, VP of Sales at Unitel, a Sangoma channel partner. “During these days of supply chain issues, we found that Sangoma was better than pretty much every other vendor at meeting their delivery commitments and having inventory available. We didn’t have to worry about any “allocation” issues from a chain of vendors and that was a big peace of mind. Additionally, if one of our customers ends up having any kind of issue, we don’t have to worry about whether it was the UC system or the phone. Sangoma figures it out and we don’t have to triage it. It saves us and the customer time. Software bugs happen from time to time and one thing we like is that Sangoma can update the phone and UC software expeditiously. They don’t have to wait for a third-party vendor to do it, like some other UCaaS companies do, because they make the phones themselves. This ensures a better purchase, install, and user experience for all our customers.”

“We’ve had a long and very successful relationship with Sangoma,” said Dean Jenne, president of sales, Jenne Inc. “And part of that, is the excellence of their ‘all built in-house’ UCaaS solution, which includes tightly integrated desk phones designed for their UC environment. Desk phones continue to be an important part of the overall UC solution set, especially to brick-and-mortar businesses. The achievement of delivering one million phones to the marketplace is impressive and will continue to be a big part of Jenne’s overall success, whether that is in delivering cloud-based or on-premises solutions.”

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