On-Prem Lives!

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A few months ago, I spent some time looking at some data about the growth of Hosted/Cloud PBX.

This week, I want to make a different point using the same information. While the growth certainly is impressive, the chart below is also important. If you subtract 18 from 100, you get 82 right?

Hosted Percent of PBX Sales

So what does 82 mean? That means 82% of new PBX sales are still on prem! If you follow any of the industry marketing messages, attend Enterprise Connect, or just show even casual interest in PBX and Unified Communications, I’m sure you are shocked at that number. I mean pretty much all of the marketing messages are about cloud.Cloud vs Prem

Why is that? Because that’s where the industry growth is forecast to be. But for many companies, there are still great reasons to buy an on-prem solution and they are exercising those reasons with their purchases! Some reasons include comfort with on-prem, possible security concerns and lifetime overall cost.

At Sangoma, while we have a great cloud UC offer, we also have a great On-Prem offer. And we are happy to sell either one. And both of them are the same product with the same code base.

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