Internet Trends 2019 and the Impact on Enterprise Communications

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This is the time of year I write about the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, which is a key report covering many different internet related topics. Obviously, I’m just trying to glean from that report what is important for the enterprise communications industry. Globe created from data overlayed on cityscape

One major takeaway for me after reading all 333 slides, one that hits you over the head like a baseball bat, is DATA, DATA, DATA, and getting data to make better product business decisions. Given all the data that we can now collect, it makes sense that we’d actually use the data right?! So for those of us who make communications products, it means it’s inevitable that AI will come to your product at some point in time. Just think about a business phone system– if it was “smart” because it “knew” your habits, then it would make phone calls so much easier.  It might “guess” (and by guess, I mean pretty much know) who you might be apt to call at 9:58AM on this coming Tuesday based on your past habits or because of your recent calendar events and emails, etc. That would be pretty cool. And it might “listen” to your call and automatically go get information from the Internet if you openly wondered about something on a call. The possibilities are really endless. But my point is that AI, in some form, will be coming to business communication systems.

Another major takeaway is VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO. Video is increasingly a preferred communication. So, for instance, if you are a contact center, you better be prepared. It doesn’t necessarily mean there would be video phone calls, but it means the way “callers” to the contact center will interact with the contact center will likely change. Self-help videos, videos that show you how to do something, will be more and more accepted as ways to interact with your customers.

None of this is really revolutionary per se because these ideas have been out there for while – they are just getting closer and closer and closer….

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