Innovation Can Take Many Forms

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Chief Product & Marketing, Sangoma

A couple of months ago, I spoke at the Cloud Comms Summit in London on Innovation. Many companies in addition to Sangoma gave their innovation pitches. And most of them focused on product features or how they are making their clouds more resilient and secure. And yes, product features and how you harden the cloud are important and are the result of innovation. But innovation is more than just that.

From a Sangoma perspective, innovation is also about how you got there. Yes, Sangoma does have a cloud UC platform that we offer for SMBs. That’s why we were speaking at the Cloud Comms Summit (i.e. because we are a service provider). But the roots of our offer go back to disruption with Asterisk and FreePBX. In other words, community.

Innovation can also be in the form of business. Within our specific UC offer, we can offer the cloud service by itself and also include the phones, which can be purchased or rented. In other words, some kind of business innovation, even as seemingly small as what I just described, is just as important as product feature innovation.

The Sangoma innovation story is not yet complete – we have much more to offer in the years to come.

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