How Service Providers Enrich Enterprise Services with Value-Add

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Chief Product & Marketing, Sangoma

There are many ways service providers can enrich enterprise services with added value. One important way is providing cloud services. Even in this age when many enterprise business applications are hosted in the Amazon cloud, many enterprises trust their service provider more and would rather run their applications in a service provider cloud.

But which business services? Obviously, CRM and web hosting are two common and well-known ones. But others, like real-time communication services, are just as important to the business. And real-time communication applications are an area where the service provider has an obvious edge because they live and breathe these and have forever. So don’t just give these types of enterprise services up to other companies that host applications on their network. Offer these yourself!Enterprise Services

Conferencing and call recording (depending on the enterprise business) are examples of this. But there are also more specialized applications such as network IVR or meter-reading applications, including those that are still based on modem. (Yes, modem!)

Many companies provide various forms of value-added real-time solutions for business beyond the standard PBX/UC solutions and sell these directly to the service provider. And many of these companies utilize Sangoma technology as part of their solution, so we understand who has what. Contact us to find out more.

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