Dialogic Boards and the Enterprise

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Dialogic Boards and the EnterpriseWhile Dialogic boards are still being sold (by Sangoma) in decent quantities, it’s no secret they aren’t being sold in the quantities they were 15 years ago. And the Enterprise is one area where the Dialogic board sales have suffered. Why is that?

One reason obviously is the move to IP from the PSTN.  This is just the natural course of telephony over the past 20 years. But there are still PSTN connections to be made, albeit at a lower rate. And the PSTN card leader for the enterprise now is unequivocally Sangoma with Dialogic, Digium and Sangoma cards all part of Sangoma now. But back during the move to IP, Dialogic cards were the clear market leader. And so any disruption impacted Dialogic cards being sold into the enterprise. Why was that so?

Well, the Dialogic boards are feature rich given the DSP processing power. But as the enterprise started using more powerful servers with Intel processors on them, that meant some of the DSP media processing functions (conferencing, echo cancellation, transcoding, speech recognition, etc.) could be moved to the server itself and off the DSP. Dialogic, being part of Intel at the time, of course recognized the power of the Intel processors and moved the DSP functions to software, what Dialogic today calls HMP (Host Media Processing). Any many Dialogic customers transitioned to HMP.  However, the “problem” with HMP is that it has the Dialogic APIs. Great if you have an application built on the Dialogic API, but if you are doing something “new”, then maybe not so great.

At the same time this was occurring the open-source PBX software movement per Asterisk and FreePBX was occurring. This meant many vendors moved to Asterisk / FreePBX as their base PBX / IVR platform due to it’s cost benefits. Given Asterisk and FreePBX have their own software based media processing functions, it meant that the Dialogic boards were too “heavy” for use in these systems. So Digium and Sangoma created PSTN interface cards that worked in conjunction with the Asterisk and FreePBX systems. And because Asterisk and FreePBX became heavily deployed and disrupted the entire PBX / IVR market in general, these boards became significant players in the telephony board market.

So why am I telling you this story? Well, now Sangoma owns all of these cards – the Dialogic boards, the Digium cards and the Sangoma cards. If you are currently buying any of these cards, great, we will still support you. But if you are selling enterprise PBX / IVR type systems and still using Dialogic boards but also thinking of moving to an IP-based system, then the combination of an Asterisk / FreePBX platform with Digium or Sangoma cards is an option. And given these technologies are all together now at Sangoma, Sangoma will be able to help you with the transition.

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