Why Companies Still Use DECT Phones

Jim Machi
VP of Marketing, Sangoma

The acronym DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. A DECT Phone is a cordless phone that connects to a phone network essentially via a radio frequency that to goes to a base station. You may have had one of these in your house at some point in your life. The phone itself is rechargeable, can roam to around 50 meters from the base station, and can hand-off from base station to base station as the phone moves around a building.  DECT phone

Sangoma offers a DECT phone as one of its phone options for our leading UC PBX business communications solutions. And sometimes I get questions like “why would someone even need a DECT phone” given our systems support mobility (via Zulu, our mobile client, for example). In other words, if someone dials your work number, it can ring on your smartphone, and you can then carry your smartphone around with you, right?

So why would someone need a DECT phone? It’s important to understand that every business is different and has different requirements. For instance, there are many businesses where employees need to roam away from their desk but still be able to take phone calls (and there are many). Often, these businesses don’t want to get into the complicated world of integrating their employees’ personal smartphones into the enterprise business communication solution. So, a DECT phone solution makes sense.

There also might be privacy concerns or just company policies that go both ways. Some businesses don’t want employee-owned smartphones on their networks, even if these employees roam around the building and need to stay connected easily. And some employees wouldn’t want their private phones connected to their employer networks. Again, in both of these cases, DECT phones make sense.

There are also some businesses that are in buildings where cell coverage isn’t great, especially as you go deeper into the building. Or, there may not be WiFi everywhere in the building. Either way, obtaining cell coverage inside a building may be spotty, and the use of a mobile client just wouldn’t work in those situations. Again, in this case, DECT phones make perfect sense.

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