CommunicAsia and the “New” Value Added Services

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CommunicAsia and the New Value Added Services

Last week I attended CommunicAsia, which has historically been the key enterprise and service provider communications event for greater Southeast Asia and the whole ASEAN region. (Given that Sangoma has an excellent PBX and UC solutions for this market, we attended with a booth.)

At the show, there was obviously a lot of 5G discussion, including security and IoT related topics, but there was also much on Value Added Services (VAS).

This was historically the place to come find the newest mobile VAS services from the local vendors. Much of that was built on Dialogic boards. So here, in the past, was where I first saw and heard things like color ring tones and video texting. Today, these are all standard and typical, but not back then.

So, at the 2019 show, these kinds of VAS services were not on display. But, if you looked closely, you could see VAS services in the form of vertical solutions (or “better experiences,” if you will) by using your phone. So it’s a different way of thinking about what a VAS is.

Think about a hotel. You typically get a key card. But maybe your hotel chain’s smartphone app could be linked to WiFi calling, data streaming, your hotel keycard, etc. in that country/city. Your experience visiting that hotel in that city would be enhanced. In other words, it’s the value add of your experience. This would entail quite a bit of back end communications work, but it’s a value add for sure and an opportunity for vendors to make some money.

Combine that thinking with AI and IoT and you could have some very interesting new age VAS solutions. I look forward to seeing them.

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