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Chief Product & Marketing, Sangoma

Astricon Photo 2019

Hello Everyone – AstriCon 2019 has started! We have well over 300 people here that just packed the introductory remarks from Bill Wignall and the keynote from Alan Quayle, which was also livestreamed.

Alan just did a terrific keynote about why the Asterisk and open source community is important for the communications industry in general because it has the broadest set of applications, and you can better control your own destiny. That’s why you don’t have to be beholden to the “big guys” who control the analysts for UC solutions. So AstriCon is off to a great start!

Yesterday, DevCon occurred, and, while I didn’t attend, from all accounts, it was successful.

I’m looking forward to talking with everyone here, and like I said, it’s off to a great start. Now off to the tracks…

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