AstriCon 2020 is Next Week!

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Chief Product & Marketing, Sangoma

AstriCon Logo 2020Just a reminder that next week on October 21 and 22, is AstriCon Plan (9), the virtual AstriCon. To register, please go here.

We have purposely set up the event with set schedules of talks, so you can listen in to whatever talk you want to at that set time. We have heard folks want this discipline so they can manage their calendars 😊 .

However, we will be recording the sessions so you can listen and watch them whenever you want. The only difference will be we’ll have live Q&A at the end of each session.

We’ve set up a mix of topics ranging from what’s going on with STIR/SHAKEN in Asterisk to hearing some success stories to a Fireside chat with Sangoma’s CEO.

We know that the “hallway sessions” at AstriCon are hugely popular, and many interactions and networking occur there. To facilitate something similar at the virtual event, we’ve set up several Slack channels, along with Sangoma Meet rooms, where you can chat with other attendees and meet with our open source developers and support technicians.

There will also be a Spanish track on Tuesday, October 20th.

We hope you can attend. We look forward to seeing you (on video) and hosting an in-person event in October 2021!

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