The Pulse Behind Modern Healthcare Communication

The healthcare industry is characterized by a relentless pursuit for excellence. The quality of care service directly translates into a substantial impact in people’s lives. In the quest to deliver superior patient experiences, Sangoma solutions are at the forefront of this goal.

For IT Professionals

Connectivity, the lifeblood of seamless operations, is the top priority for the IT team. No more dropped calls or network reach loss. Instead, budget-friendly 5G broadband and satellite options can handle your internet connections, no matter when or where. Sangoma offers SD-WAN too, which boosts your network’s performance by tying together all your connections, making sure they’re always up and running, and offering top-notch security against threats. Make your backbone embody reliability and efficiency thanks to a fully-monitored network infrastructure that meets PCI compliance standards.

For Care Staff

Sangoma’s UCaaS features elevate this connectivity to embrace diversity and dynamism. Video conferencing, instant messaging, mobile applications, and team collaboration tools ensure that communication is not just continuous, but also multifaceted and hybrid-work friendly.

For Patients

The integrated contact center features of Sangoma serve as a catalyst for change. With true omnichannel features, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience and hear out your patients from their preferred method of speaking to you. Every interaction will help your patients feel valued and cared for.

For Administrators

HIPAA compliance is vital to preserve the sanctity of patient data. Trust in the safety of information is no longer a hope, but a guarantee.

For Financial Officers

Sangoma’s Managed Internet Services and Mobility Solutions offer superior communications at lower costs while expanding the talent pool. Secure internal collaboration, compliant documentation, cost-effective operations, and flexible solutions are no longer exceptions, but the norm.

Keep the pulse of your healthcare institution steady and healthy with Sangoma, your one-stop-shop for modern technology solutions. Learn more in our Healthcare eBook.

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