Overall Managed Access Benefit Review

Today, I’ll touch on the benefits of using a Managed Internet Access service according to the Eastern Management Group. Managed Internet Access is a service where a provider (such as Sangoma) obtains and proactively manages the uptime of internet facilities of each customer location.

Major benefits include:

  • The provider (not you as the end-customers or partner) obtains the best type of access for each site, gets the best price, and does QoS configuration. So the provider would set up your network for you, the end-user company.
  • The provider manages, maintains, and monitors the services 24/7 to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • The customer receives one single unified bill from the managed service provider.
  • Using outsourced expertise avoids the costs of developing management and reporting capabilities.

If you want to read the full report now, please go here.

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