UCaaS as PBX Replacement: Part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about a customer just wanting basic PBX features from “25 years ago” and whether it was possible to buy a business phone system today that would be able to effectively replace one of these older systems.

The answer is “of course you can get a phone system” that handles the PBX feature requirements from 25 years ago. And it will do exactly what you want it to do, and are used to doing, in terms of calling and call routing and audio conferencing and voice mail, etc. And it can still be on-premises if you wish, but it can also run in the cloud. And you can use a handset just like your current system has. If this is what you want, we have it.

But it will also come with other features, or the ability to add these features, because that is what many customers want today:

  • Chat
  • Presence
  • Video calling
  • Mobility (Calling to and from your smartphone and laptop)
  • Integrations to CRM systems
  • Ability to customize via adding applications (such as notification apps)

So don’t be confused and don’t be afraid to upgrade because of the marketing buzzwords used today. You’ll have all your old features, but you’ll be able to use these new features as well. For instance, the mobility feature allows your business phone number to follow you around on your laptop and Smartphone – it will make you “look bigger” to your customers since you’ll be reachable more easily.

Upgrade so you don’t put your business at risk because of a potentially failing old system. Come talk to us and we’ll be happy to help. PBXs are there today, just in different clothing.

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