The Benefits of a Managed Security / Unified Threat Management Service

Before discussing the benefits of a managed security service for your business, let’s discuss what threats we are talking about. As an IT manager for your business, you are likely worried about attacks on your corporate network in the form of viruses, spam, phishing attempts, malicious content, unapproved website access where “bad” files can be accessed, etc.

So how to do something about this and manage this better? Maybe you can tackle different parts of this by adding virus checkers or spam filtering or defending against network attacks, for example. But that tactic, while addressing specific areas, that tactic would leave some vulnerabilities, and you’d have to manage each area yourself anyway. It might become complicated, and you wouldn’t have everything covered. You’d cover what you thought was necessary or what you had the budget to cover.

So how can you best tackle addressing all kinds of threats to your network economically? That’s how Unified Threat Management came to be – a single device to be put in place that inspects the incoming data – looks at packet headers, looks for known virus/malware, etc., and identifies these threats to an administrator.

And that’s great. But what if you are a larger company with many locations. It starts to get even more complicated. The next step would be to get help – have a managed service help you do this, or maybe even manage this for you. While a unified threat management device might be put at your location, or if you have multiple locations placed at each location, you could have someone manage this for you. Or you could decide you don’t want any devices on-prem, and all of this can also be done via the cloud.

Either way, someone could help you manage this. An expert team of people would work with you to set up profiles, help you figure out whether an all-cloud solution could work for you, and potentially fully manage your threat management system or co-manage it with your team. And Sangoma, through our acquisition of NetFortris, provides managed security to companies of all sizes.

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