The Benefits of a Managed SD-WAN Service

Before we talk about the benefits of a managed SD-WAN service, let’s talk about what SD-WAN is. In my last blog, we discussed a Managed Internet Service, whereby a company like Sangoma could manage the internet connections to all of the buildings in an enterprise. And these internet connections could take various forms such as cable, DSL, fiber, wireless, etc.

SD-WAN leverages these different transport mechanisms so that enterprises can connect securely to the cloud applications that the enterprise is running. Sure, a VPN could do that but a VPN manages the connection, and would not transfer the IP address to another of the transport mechanisms in case of a failure. As such, SD-WAN benefits over VPN, or MPLS, or some other dedicated connections mechanism is utilization of different types of transport mechanisms, centralized management for the enterprise, higher bandwidth given aggregations of links, and typically reduction in cost of your networks.

Enterprises may choose to run their own SD-WAN services, or may choose to go to a managed services provider to offer managed SD-WAN to the enterprise. Why would an enterprise do that? What are the advantages to such an arrangement?

Well, first, there is an expert team of people to fully manage your SD-WAN, or co-manage it with your team. And Sangoma, through our acquisition of NetFortris, provides Managed SD-WAN Services to companies of all sizes. We are not just a reseller of an SD-WAN solution as we have our own international SD-WAN backbone with 40+ PoPs and growing. And our cloud UC platform is also on that network, for a seamless experience. We also host and manage all headend and cloud orchestration components for your deployment.

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