The Benefits of a Managed Internet Service

We all need the Internet. Many of us can’t do our jobs without that access. And for long-time readers of this blog who have read many things from me about UC and UCaaS, those systems can not operate without access to the Internet.

And for larger companies, with either a few or even a slew of different offices, there is a hodge-podge of Internet access. Someone at the site figures out how to buy it, and they buy it. It may not be the best price, but maybe it was easy to do. And the bills are paid somehow. And the access works, or it doesn’t. And whoever bought it has to deal with the ‘issues’ of slow Internet or the Internet being down. And at this point, it’s impacting business. And that is not good. So, what to do?

Many companies now turn to Managed Internet Providers to obtain the Internet that best suits each location and proactively manage the uptime to ensure your business has connectivity.

What types of access are out there? Fiber, Cable, T1, 4G, and Ethernet over copper are some of them. And each of them may make the most sense for different physical locations. Maybe you don’t need fiber at each location. You don’t need one size fits all for your entire company, and you need what’s suitable for your company.

If this sounds interesting, let’s go through some of the benefits of using a Managed Internet Provider. As indicated above, the provider obtains the best type of access for each site, gets the best price, and does QoS configuration. So the provider would set up your network for your whole company.

The provider would also perform up/down circuit monitoring and alerting and be there for support so that the provider would manage and maintain it. The provider could also provide network backup, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that either.

And the company would get one single unified bill from the Managed Internet Provider, so you wouldn’t have to sort through all kinds of invoices that you don’t understand.

Through our acquisition of NetFortris, Sangoma provides Managed Internet Services to companies of all sizes. In short, we build a customized solution to provide the best connectivity, security, and reliability options for your organization.

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