At Your Service: An “As-a-Service” Guide to Sangoma’s Portfolio

Sangoma offers a full set of “as-a-Service” (aaS) offerings designed to meet the needs of the modern business. This family of cloud-based options includes externally hosted software across genres such as unified communications, desktops, communications platforms, contact centers, and team collaboration, among other areas. In this guide, we go over the most popular as-a-Service solutions and their benefits.

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Traditionally, “as-a-Service” applications offer a form of cloud-based delivery whereby the software or network element is hosted by the provider. Owing largely to the wide coverage net that it casts, as-a-Service products are applicable to many different organizational needs. All of this occurs remotely, on demand and using virtually any device.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Sangoma’s Unified Communications-as-a-Service product provides access to traditional, hosted services that represent a fundamental shift in business communications. Unlike traditional voice lines, UCaaS also includes options for remotely hosted video conferencing, faxing and messaging, among other features, without having to manage or provision them. Top benefits include supportive elements for bolstering engagement, productivity, continuity and customer service while also reducing one’s required hardware investment.

Video Meetings as a Service (MaaS)

Sangoma’s meetings as a service (Maas) solution, Sangoma Meet, is a secure, meet-from-anywhere video meetings and collaboration platform that you can leverage from any internet-connected device. Sangoma Meet enables file sharing on screen, integrates seamlessly with your calendar, supports PSTN dial-in, offers virtual backgrounds, simplifies attendee management from within and outside of the organization, and many other key features. MaaS allows businesses to maintain an in-office meeting experience while working remotely and including attendees from anywhere, seamlessly.  

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop-as-a-Service integrates common UCaaS applications with Virtual Apps and Desktop Solutions. This blend provides on-demand access to “critical documents,” software, and communications tools for an in-office user experience while working from anywhere. Other common functions include embedded options for security, vertical customization and tiered context- and user-based access options. Sangoma’s DaaS platform is also a key component of their Connected Workspace solution.

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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Sangoma’s CCaaS products, Contact Center and Service Insight, offer full-scale or internally focused customer service features, plus integration with the Sangoma communications platform. Contact Center is an advanced inbound platform for dedicated call centers. Service Insight focuses on departmental customer engagement needs, by providing customer analytics to help every department provide more informed service to callers. 

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Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

The Communication Platform-as-a-Service implementation features integration and customization to support one’s unique workflows. The system provides a common business backbone for remaining connected with users and processes, and extends elements for blending communications with sales, marketing, e-commerce, finance and customer relationship management aspects. Among the service’s main selling points are custom workflows, integrations and development options, as well as support for end-to-end communications and on-demand access to Sangoma professional services.

Devices as a Service

Sangoma offers a complete suite of hardware and accessories, including devices such as phones, headsets, network connectivity equipment, and more. The advantage of devices as a service is that customers can get all of the solutions they need, fully integrated from one provider, so they know it will work together effortlessly. Sangoma’s integrated devices also offer additional features designed exclusively for our cloud portfolio, further enhancing the user experience.

Fax as a Service (FaaS)

Faxing remains an important communications tool, yet is often neglected by cloud service providers. Sangoma’s Fax as a Service (FaaS) solution, FAXStation, offers reliable, modern faxing for businesses that features a telecom appliance with analog connections. FAXStation also operates in concert with our fax server data center to encrypt and package communications for user peace of mind. Businesses can continue to rely on faxing capabilities without compromising their choice in cloud communications security or systems with FAXStation.

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

Controlling access to your physical building may seem unrelated to your communications system, but with SmartOffice™, our Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution, we can tightly integrate your communications and access controls for easier management, wireless access, and better security. Instead of keeping track of keys, fobs, and access cards, SmartOffice allows you to manage access via smartphones and IoT technologies, all controlled by your communications infrastructure and leveraging existing wiring, network, and employee credential infrastructure.

Trunking as a Service (TaaS)

SIP trunks allow businesses to continue leveraging their existing communications infrastructure while also upgrading their service to the cloud. Sangoma’s Trunking as a Service (TaaS) solutions deliver internet-based telephony services via the customer’s existing internet connection, helping them save money and elevate their communications with access to our leading UCaaS portfolio.


Sangoma’s family of cloud-based as-a-Service products cast a wide net in terms of coverage, encompassing areas such as software, platforms, contact centers, and disaster recovery. Each is designed to streamline use and improve productivity by handling all aspects (and headaches) of owning, provisioning and managing application deployment. 

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The beauty of Sangoma’s solution portfolio is that, instead of sourcing and maintaining all of these mission-critical applications separately, Sangoma users enjoy the simplicity of a platform that combines all of these tools in one! Our complete communications platform ensures that your business has all of the tools you need, tightly integrated with supporting endpoints and accessories to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Our as-a-Service model offers the best of traditional communications solutions and modern delivery methods, so that you get the best system for your needs at the best price!

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