Checking in on Open Source Communications

Open Source Communications FreePBX Asterisk MascotsI haven’t written about Open Source communications in a while. I’ve been meaning to, and now it’s near the end of the year, and since I’m on a plane right now (and people who know me know I write a lot on airplanes), I’m in the frame of mind to do it.

For people who follow Sangoma, you know that we’ve had a lot going on in 2021. We bought Star2Star and have been working diligently to integrate them. It’s going great, and for those of you who follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you probably noticed we recently completed a great Sales Kick-Off event with a fully integrated sales team.

Through all this, though, our Open Source commitment has not wavered. Our focus is still there, and you know that if you regularly go to or

In early November, we held another Virtual AstriCon. We had almost 1,000 attendees, which was similar to last year’s virtual conference. We intend to do it in person next time (just like we intended this time), and we’ll have more to say about that in the April timeframe.

And right before AstriCon, we released FreePBX 16 and Asterisk 19, both of which happened with Sangoma engineering working with numerous individuals in the community. We know we have a lot of people in the community counting on these new releases, as we still have the same number of downloads of FreePBX and Asterisk (both in the millions) this year as the past few years.

And both of these products continue to have robust roadmaps for the coming year.

We are also getting more interest in our PBXact Cloud offer from both our FreePBX prem and PBXact prem existing customers. This is not unexpected, given PBXact is a Sangoma product based on the solid foundation provided by FreePBX and Asterisk and follows the entire industry trend of moving UC to the cloud. Check it out if you have an interest.

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