Unified Communications Supports Going Back to Work

Unified Communications Supports Remote and Hybrid Workforces

We’re starting to see companies calling their remote workers back to work. Some have been doing it quietly, and some have been doing it more publicly. Take a drive at rush hour in your city, and you’ll see this is already happening. In Dallas, where I live, it seems like it’s back to 2019 already during rush hour.

Yes, if vaccinated, you likely feel better about going back to work and interacting with people outside ‘your bubble’ again. But for a while, I think, it won’t really feel normal. Many companies will likely still limit the number of people in a conference room, and many companies will probably not ask you to be in the office 100% of the time. Luckily, during the pandemic employees have been able to work remotely with Unified Communications solutions. Pre-pandemic, some companies had already invested heavily in UC and understood Unified Communications supports their employees both in and out of the office. But after many cities went on lockdown and we realized the hazards employees could face by going into the office it was even more evident that if organizations had not made significant investments, that it would be necessary for their employees to work remotely with Unified Communications solutions.

Unified Communications Supports Employees Anytime Anywhere

We all know the benefits of Unified Communications when working remotely. Unified Communication systems that enable your office phone number to ring your smartphone and your laptop so you can interact with customers while remote along with chat and video will still play critical roles for remote workers.

Unified Communications Supports Onsite Employees

But for employees at the office, Unified Communications still plays a significant role. You can “leave” your office to work at a nicer or quieter part of the building and not worry about missing phone calls. You can still have video meetings and collaborate with coworkers via sharing files, no matter where they are. Make the UC system you got to know so much better over the past 15 months work for you.

Unified Communications supports remote, onsite and hybrid workforces. Unfortunately, things are still in flux, so if there is a need to improve your existing Unified Communications solution or you think it’s time to upgrade, Sangoma is here to help.

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