Sangoma Launches Value-based IP Phones

Many companies are upgrading their communication equipment to improve productivity and make offices more attractive to workers who are returning to desks.

Finding the right IP phone, depending on business needs, can be challenging: every additional feature, which you may not require on a phone, brings up the cost significantly, especially on large-scale deployments.

Today, Sangoma is launching entry-level value phones designed with the specific features you need, with maximum functionality and performance, at a budget price.

Value Based IP Phone - 310 / 315 left angleIntroducing the P310 & P315 IP Phones

These phones can be deployed in just about any setting, with a focus on three customer segments in mind.

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing plants require rugged and durable phones that can withstand harsh environments. Sangoma’s new value-based IP phones are durable and reliable enough to keep job sites connected and communicating throughout the day.
  • Education: Schools today are challenged to offer high-quality communications without going over budget. Sangoma’s new phones are an affordable option for teachers and administrators, offering the full functionality of a desk phone at a budget price.
  • Retail: Retailers require phones that are easy to deploy and use. Sangoma’s phones can be easily deployed with minimal training, making them perfect for retailers of all sizes — from small businesses to large enterprises.

Sangoma’s P310 & P315 IP Phones Details

The P310 and P315 desk IP phones come with simple plug-and-play deployment, enabling them to seamlessly work with Sangoma’s unified communications portfolio, including Switchvox, PBXact and FreePBX.

Both phones offer high-definition call quality, two VoIP lines, and built-in Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support for wireless headset compatibility. They also come with critical security capabilities, including TLS, SRTP, and VLAN support, while supporting six phone applications, including contacts, call logging, status, call parking, call forward, and hot-desking (for Switchvox >= 7.8).

Key Differences: P310 vs. P315

The P310 and P315 are similar models. Both phones come with 2.4-inch 320 x 240-pixel backlit color LCDs, four feature keys and four context-sensitive soft keys, and six-way key navigation.

The difference between the two is that the P310 supports two switched 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connections, and the P315 supports two switched 10/100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit) connections.

A phone that supports Gigabit connectivity becomes very enticing in those scenarios where only one network connection is available at the user’s workstation. With the P315, users will connect their network cable connection into one of the Gigabit ports on the phone, then connect another cable from the second Gigabit port to their workstation, effectively delivering full-speed network access to the laptop/desktop computer through the phone.

“I was very impressed with the P315, and at an amazing price point,” explained Darin Gull from “Feature-rich, two gigabit Ethernet ports, color display, headset & EHS port, and it integrates beautifully with our Switchvox solutions for $79 purchase price. Great phone for entry-level workers, patient rooms, lobbies, call center desks, etc. Well done, Sangoma!”

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