Video Interview: Catching Up with Rich Tehrani

Rich Tehrani Jim Machi InterviewIn January, I did a video interview with Rich Tehrani. Usually, we’re in Florida for the IT Expo / Tech Super Show at that time of the year, and we do an in-person video interview. I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost track of how many we’ve done together. When he first started doing video interviews, I believe at a show in Los Angeles, if I recall correctly, it was a very new thing, and I think I might have been the 3rd person he did it with. Yeah, Rich and I have known each other a long time, going back to 1998.

We were just little kids then…

And while I’ve talked to Rich multiple times in 2020, we decided to do another video interview like we usually do during this January time frame.

We just did it remotely this time.

We talked about a bunch of things, such as the Frost and Sullivan UC and Collaboration Competitive Strategy Leadership Award that we received just a few weeks before the interview. I won’t go over that here because I’ve written about that already.

He also asked me how our integration of VoIP Innovations is coming along. It’s going well, and we’ve put investment into the wholesale services / SIP trunking business and CPaaS. We have introduced a service that is available now that helps address Caller ID spoofing. It is available both with our Wholesale SIP trunking but also can be used by other carriers, available via an API. It combines analytics, caller authentication, and verification to help address Caller ID spoofing now. We also introduced new fraud mitigation and E911 monitoring solutions in 2020.

We’re also currently working on complying with STIR/SHAKEN.

And he asked me about what’s next for Sangoma. Obviously, I could not talk about Star2Star at that time because it was not announced yet. Still, we did touch on our vision of continuing to see Sangoma adding to our suite of Communication-as-a-Service product portfolio. Beyond UCaaS, we also offer other “As a Service” offerings such as retail and wholesale SIP trunking, CPaaS, Fax, Video Meetings, and our soon-to-be-released access control solution. Similar in concept to our “End-to-end UC Solution” that I discussed when talking about the Frost and Sullivan award, we want to offer “End-to-end As a Service Communications.”

As always, it was a pleasure talking to Rich. I am looking forward to doing it in person at some point, hopefully relatively soon. To watch the video interview, please go here.

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