Choosing a Business Phone System Vendor: The Value in an End-To-End Unified Communications

Are you using multiple communications vendors?

If you’re using more than one Unified Communications vendor, that can be a problem – or at least a nuisance. Managing multiple tools, different training resources, and installations can take up your valuable time.

Many organizations are opting to go with single-vendor Unified Communications solutions for their business phone system, IP phones, and video conferencing software.

The Benefits of a Single Unified Communications Vendor

Rather than emailing one vendor about your employee instant messaging platform, calling a different one for your IP phones, and reaching out to yet another about your video conferencing app, wouldn’t it be great if it all came from a single vendor?

With an end-to-end UC vendor who is focused on their end customer, you can streamline the purchase of any telephony hardware, collaboration software, and support for all your communications needs. You should also be able to easily integrate your existing CRM and email platforms with your business phone system.

According to Michael Brandenburg, Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, “Sangoma ranks as one of the few remaining competitors in the unified communications market that delivers a complete portfolio of on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based solutions. Both businesses and service providers appreciate Sangoma as a one-stop-shop partner that meets their diverse communications requirements.”

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Can your current phone system vendor offer necessary support?

Need emergency support or some hardware upgrades? Looking to switch to a UCaaS solution? You might have even been wondering “What is UC?” in the first place. Being able to reach out to a single source to get these answers or services is immeasurable when running a business.

Regardless of your current communications set-up, your vendor should be able to provide you with all the products and services you require. Unfortunately, not all vendors are up to the task.

Sangoma – A Trusted UC Advisor

Sangoma’s products and services include from video conferencing software, business phone systems, telephony cards, and everything in between. And with ‘all features included’ pricing on Sangoma’s Switchvox Unified Communications solution, you get a future-proof system without the fear of paying extra for robust functionality. You get to enjoy the full suite of features, so you never miss out on the many benefits of UC.

The breadth of products and services offered and supported was an important factor in Sangoma receiving the 2020 North American Unified Communications and Collaboration Competitive Strategy Leadership Award from the industry experts Frost & Sullivan.

Click here to download the full award report.

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