Frost & Sullivan Communications & Collaboration Competitive Strategy Leadership Award Video Q&A

Frost Sullivan Best Practices Award 2020 ThumbnailAs some of you may know, Sangoma recently was chosen by Frost and Sullivan as a recipient of the North American Unified Communications and Collaboration Competitive Strategy Leadership Award.

I also just finished a video interview about this with Michael Brandenburg of Frost and Sullivan. We talked about why Sangoma won the award, what this means to us, and where we go from here.

One of the reasons Sangoma won the award is because we have both on-prem and cloud solutions and they utilize the same code base, and our resellers can also sell both solutions. And as Michael says in the interview, this means we “don’t have to push” the customer one way or another. We can recommend the solution that best fits their needs.

And Michael asked me, “where do we go from here.” You can hear me talk about Sangoma’s continued addition of Communication as a Service products to our overall cloud portfolio, beyond just UCaaS. Similar in concept to our “end-to-end UC solution,” we want to offer “end-to-end As a Service Communications.” And you can also hear me give some viewpoints on where UC clients should go.

But, I wasn’t able to talk about Star2Star when I gave this interview. 😊

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