330 Seat Switchvox Cloud Deal Delivers a Nice Check

Rigidnet Receives Switchvox Cloud Spiff From Jim MachiLast week I had the pleasure to deliver this very nice check to Rigidnet in Fort Worth, Texas. They are a cloud reseller selling Switchvox cloud and closed a nice 330 seat deal while we had a special SPIFF program going. So they made some nice money and since their offices are near where I live, I drove over to talk to them.

While there, I explored this design win with them. First of all, they have been selling Switchvox prem for many years. They have quite a few happy customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with Switchvox. The customer base likes the VALUE they get from Switchvox and the stability of it. This is not a surprising comment since we at Sangoma hear this from many customers – they like the feature set for the price, they like the easy to understand cost-effective pricing and they like the fact that the product is solid.

They started selling Switchvox cloud a few years ago as their customer base started inquiring about it. Like any good reseller, they have strong relationships with many businesses in the area given they sell overall business solutions (not just business communication solutions), so when they hear about a customer needing a new business communication solution, they lead with Switchvox and specifically Switchvox Cloud.

This particular deal is for a large auto dealer in the Fort Worth area with many dealerships (when it’s time for me to buy a new car, I will now go there!), which is why the deal was for 330 seats. I look forward to getting out there without a mask someday.

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